1. Allege
    ALLEGE are a Tokyo-based label that make clothing for everyday wear. Their garments are precisely constructed in high quality fabrics, with a relaxed and unusual style. ALLEGE’s aesthetic is created by slightly oversized proportions on casual everyday items. See items
  2. Auralee
    Launched in 2015, Auralee is a Japanese clothing label already gaining a strong following for its minimal, interesting colour palettes and style. The garments are influenced by Western military and workwear, designed with boxy proportions and a focus on flattering cuts. Auralee uses high quality, incredibly soft fabrics all from Japan. See items
  3. Colourway
    Colourway is a Bristol-based clothing and accessories label founded by textile printer Christian Taylor. They produce carefully considered basics with a simple and relaxed style. Tactile fabrics like super-soft cotton jersey are paired with fresh colour palettes. Colourway is a men’s brand however their clothing suits any gender. See items
  4. Cosmic Wonder
    Cosmic Wonder is a Japanese conceptual project that produces clothing, performance, and artwork. Established in 1997, they are based in a remote mountain village north of Kyoto. They use traditional Japanese techniques, natural dyes, and sustainable materials to create a quiet and modern aesthetic. See items
  5. Cul De Sac
    Cul de Sac is a studio hidden in the backstreets of Tokyo that makes high quality casual clothing and Aomori Hiba wood products. They create simple pieces in soft, comfortable fabrics and relaxed fits. Their Hiba products are insect, mould, and bacteria repelling and have a smoky wood scent reminiscent of Japanese shrines. See items
  6. Doek
    Doek is part of influential Japanese footwear factory Moonstar, which has been operating in Kurume City for 140 years. Specialising in durability, their shoes are handmade with kiln-baked vulcanised soles. The classic designs focus on high quality materials, like hard-wearing canvas, water resistant gabardine, and natural cork insoles. See items
  7. Edwina Hörl
    Austrian designer Edwina Hörl’s experimental clothing brand is based Japan. Known for exaggerated silhouettes and unserious genderless style, her collections are responses to social and cultural issues. Many of her items are produced in the Tohoku region which is famous for its craftsmanship. See items
  8. Fil Melange
    Tokyo-based Fil Melange is an apparel brand known for their exceptional quality jersey and super soft, comfortable designs. Inspired by classic American sportswear, their pieces are relaxed with a vintage unisex style. They use only natural materials and control their entire production line in-house from fibre to garment construction. See items
  9. Goldwin
    Goldwin is a high-tech sports apparel brand based in Japan. Started in 1950 as a ski company, they now own North Face Japan and Helly Hansen. Their “Sports First” ethos is reflected in their inventive and functional use of high-performance technology. The new Goldwin Lifestyle collection is made for extreme and everyday environments. See items
  10. Healthknit
    Originally founded in Tennessee in 1900, Healthknit was re-launched by a Japanese company in the 90s. Their focus is on everyday comfort, with classic white tees and casual knitwear made from high quality US cotton. Healthknit’s clean-cut aesthetic is based on classic American workwear and undershirts.
    See items
  11. i ro se
    i ro se is a Japanese leather accessories brand that combines minimalism with functionality. Their bags and wallets are designed to organise your belongings in the most efficient, lightweight, and compact way possible. Constructed from high quality materials, each item is made to last for years of everyday use. See items
  12. Living Concept
    Japanese brand Living Concept is I.D. Land Company’s unisex clothing line. They focus on making our daily lives more practical with everyday wearables and complementary useful accessories. Living Concept has a simple aesthetic that draws from military, work, and sportswear with durable fabrics and functional detailing. See items
  13. Lorinza
    Lorinza is a Tokyo-based luggage brand that makes bags to last a lifetime. Their high-performance items are constructed for functionality, with hard-wearing materials such as ballistic nylon and seat belt webbing. Lorinza focuses on the user’s needs and daily life, with endless pockets, ergonomic padding, and multi-use designs. See items
  14. Lunge
    High-performance German footwear label Lunge is engineered for ergonomic comfort and support. Using only vegan and Oeko-tex certified materials, their shoes are designed with longevity in mind – for both the wearer and the environment. Their classic sportswear aesthetic works with casual and active styles. See items
  15. Nanamica
    Tokyo-based Nanamica is a technical apparel company inspired by sportswear, military and outdoor styles. Their high-performance clothing is made from specialist fabrics for extreme environments but also suited for practical everyday wear. Nanamica means House of the Seven Seas and reflects their adventurous and functional ethos. See items
  16. Niuhans
    Niuhans is an independent clothing brand based in Tokyo, known for their precise craftsmanship. Their fabrics are exceptionally high quality, and they use only natural materials including organic cotton, cashmere, and merino. Niuhans has a cool, reserved aesthetic with classic menswear styling. See items
  17. Paa
    New York-based Paa is clothing and accessories label influenced by classic US sportswear. Originally a line of caps, Paa has expanded to a small but carefully formed collections of understated, high quality basics all made in the USA. Their use of textured and heavyweight fabrics creates a minimalist version of All-American style. See items
  18. Postalco
    Stationery and leather goods brand Postalco was founded in New York and has been based in Japan for 15 years. They make everyday items in natural materials, using traditional techniques like washi paper-making. Their aesthetic is a combination of simplicity and utility, with careful consideration for the ecological impact of their products. See items
  19. RoToTo
    Japanese sock brand RoToTo’s factories are based in the Nara Prefecture, an area with a 100-year-old history of manufacturing socks. The company focuses on comfort and craftsmanship, producing high quality items based on the concept of ‘lifelong consumables’. Their socks are made using specialist knitting machines with a super soft finish. See items
  20. Standard Supply
    Japanese Accessories and luggage brand Standard Supply combines function with a useful, playful aesthetic. Designed with everyday use in mind, their long-lasting items are made from high quality, lightweight materials and finished with practical details and a water resistant coating. See items
  21. STORY mfg
    London-based clothing brand STORY mfg have an authentic, slow, and kind approach to fashion. They are experts in natural dyes and organic materials, using embroidery and hand-loomed fabrics to create one-off pieces. Inspired by vintage cuts like prison jackets, they work with craftspeople in India to produce relaxed, cheerful clothes. See items
  22. United Athle
    Japanese apparel label United Athle make affordable plain clothing for men and women. Their classic items are designed for comfort and everyday wear using soft high quality cotton. The brand is part of C.A.B. Clothing Company, Japan’s oldest manufacturer of plain tees, who have worked with American military styles since the 1940s. See items
  23. Universal Products
    Universal Products was the first clothing line from Japanese company I.D. Land and the flagship brand in 1LDK stores. Their style is influenced by vintage Western workwear and military uniforms, with their own simple minimal style take. Timeless everyday items are made for casual wear in durable and high quality fabrics. See items